In collaboration with, Risk offers the possibility to train your assessments. 

What is an assessment?
The pre employment tests are often (but not always) the final stage in the application process. The pre employment tests can take place at the employer’s offices, or at a private assessment centre. Pre employment tests are used to measure an applicant’s true capabilities and characteristics. By helping companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, these tests can lead to additional company benefits.

How to get access?
To gain access to you will need credentials, which you can get at the Risk Office (5414.0040) or by sending an e-mail to Before getting the credentials, you have to sign a small contract in which you agree to keep the credentials for yourself. After signing the contract you have access to for two weeks. 

More Information
For more information you can always come by at the Risk Office or send an e-mail to

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