Are you almost finished with your Bachelor- or Master Degree and looking for your next challenge? Then you have come to the right place! On the Risk Career-page you can find numerous opportunities to take on, during or after your studies. In cooperation with our business partners, we offer a broad range of relevant vacancies, activities and other facilities.

We offer a broad range of relevant vacancies, activities and other facilities.

Prepare for your career!
The best way to prepare yourself for your future job, is to get in touch with your future employer. By organizing events and offering internships, companies give you an unique insight in their working atmosphere and possibilities.

Internships & traineeships
Often, companies offer three types of job offers: Internships, traineeships & vacancies. Normal vacancies we all know, but what are the benefits of doing an internship or traineeship?

Internships are job openings for a limited time, typically six months. The goal of an internship is getting to know the company, the ambiance on the working floor, and the developing possibilities it offers. Internships are very valuable to have on your CV, as you have already obtained some practical experience In a professional environment.

Traineeships can be an excellent opportunity if you are sure you like a certain company, but unsure about the department you want to work in. During a traineeship, you will see different working fields and work with teams on several departments. In this way, you make sure you end up in the right division of your dream employee.

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