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Trading and investment are hard to master. Whether you are new to the field or an experienced veteran, there is always something to learn. So how do you develop the skills to turn your savings in to a million? Join one of the Risk Investment Teams!

Investment Team
The Investment Team consists of ambitious students who have an affinity with the financial world and a profound interest in investing. Each student invests an amount between €350,- and €750,- to take a position in the investment portfolio. With a joint investment capital of more than €20.000 we are able to manage a diversified portfolio comprised of equities, derivatives and other financial instruments. 

The primary goal of the Investment Team is to increase understanding of investing and financial instruments.

The primary goal of the Investment Team is to increase understanding of investing and financial instruments. Each meeting contains a macroeconomic update and an educative element to increase knowledge of our team members. The secondary goal is to maximize investment return by anticipating new market developments. The AEX and the MSCI World Index serve as our benchmark. 

What does the Investment Team offer?
Each three weeks we meet to discuss the performance of our investment portfolio. Before the meetings, team members work in groups to do research for new investment opportunities. In our meetings investment proposals are introduced on the basis of a pitch; a short presentation that names the main catalysts and risks associated with the investment product. Subsequently all the Investment Team Members can vote to buy the proposed investing opportunities and to sell or hold the current positions.

Furthermore, the RIT is sponsored by major players in the financial world. Every year we visit the offices of our partners and speakers from companies will visit our meetings. This is the perfect way to meet your potential employer! Current partners are Flow Traders, IBS Capital, Lynx and Optiver. 

Investment Teams

Risk offers two teams to learn about trading:

Investment Team Junior
At the Junior team, you will start your investment career and learn the basics about  making money on the stock market. You will learn how to use various financial instruments, such as equities, options and other derivatives, but also the basics of fundamental and technical analysis, are the main themes. Once you master these themes you can join the senior team.

Investment Team Senior 
At the senior team, you will deepen your knowledge about trading. For this team, practical and theoretical knowledge is required. You will have a broader Investment focus and priority in visiting investment companies during in-house events. This team is open for Dutch-speaking students till March 2018 only. Afterwards it is opened for non-Dutch speaking students too.

After the meetings both teams will have a social where members of both teams can discuss everything with their fellow investors. During the year, various speakers from the field of investing will join the meeting to teach about current topics.


If you want to attend a meeting as a guest or like to have a coffee date with one of our board members, please fill in the form below. Otherwise, send an email to rit@riskgroningen.nl


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